You Can Now (Temporarily) Block Friends on Facebook

A New “Snooze” Feature Silences your Friends

How many times do you get irritated with your friends on Facebook?  We all have that one friend that constantly posts political mumbo jumbo.  Another friend that can’t stop posting what they ate from their last meal.  And of course we can’t forget the friend that only shares the latest score they earned in an online game.  You could always unfriend them, but that could create tension.  And for many of them, once they’re over their tirade they are pleasant to be around.

New Snooze feature lets you mute friends

Facebook has rolled out a new “snooze” feature.  If it’s not on your account yet, don’t worry, it’s coming.  The feature lets you temporarily silence the people that are getting on your nerves.

Snooze, Unfollow, Unfriend, Block

There are four ways to stop seeing the junk that piles up in your newsfeed.  And depending on your recent interactions on Facebook pages, you might see a lot more junk than you want to.

Facebook’s algorithms work in a way that if you interact with a person, page, or group, then you start seeing more of their posts.  So if you’re a member of Billings Rants and Raves, and you comment on someone’s ridiculous post, then you will start seeing more posts from that particular group.  Soon you don’t see anything that you want to see (cat videos from your weird uncle Carl), and start seeing more of the stuff you really don’t want to see (used clothing for sale for ridiculously high prices).

The new snooze feature allows you to temporarily mute people, pages, or groups.  Of course you would never snooze the iDoctor Facebook page, we pump out some great content that’s highly applicable to your life.  But you might want to snooze that page that you only follow so your friend can get more likes on his business page.  Snoozing is the least disruptive way of muting pages you don’t want to see.

There is a way to stop seeing all posts from someone (or a page) without completely cutting the ties.  You can unfollow people or pages.  You will still be listed as their friend, or a “like” on their page, but you won’t see any of their jibberish pop up in your news feed.

Of course there are those people you “friended” years ago simply because you went to high school together.  They don’t post often, and you realize you never really liked them in high school, so you’re not sure why you’re friends with them online.  A quick unfriend will solve that problem and reduce the stress in your life.

But what if they keep trying to add you again?  What if you’re getting unwanted chat messages?  What if you don’t want them to see you posting about them in the Rants and Raves page?  Blocking them denies them access to your account.  In fact, even if they type your Facebook URL directly, it will come up that they don’t have permission to access the profile.

The New Snooze Feature Helps People Feel Better

You don’t want to unfollow forever, you don’t want to block or unfriend.  You just want to stop seeing their annoying, often petty, posts for a little while.  The new snooze feature will do just that.  Currently it’s only available on some accounts (and some only on the desktop version, not the app).  But it’s a great way to keep your friends, but also your sanity.

Of course you can’t see anything on a broken phone.  Bring it to iDoctor, the best cell phone repair store in Billings, and we can get you taken care of.