Best Tech Gifts for 2017

Christmas Gifts for the Technology Lover in Your Life

We are rapidly approaching Christmas.  But I’m pretty sure most of us haven’t done our Christmas shopping.  Why shop now when you can put it off until a few days before the big day?  Most likely it’s because you can’t figure out what to buy for someone.  We have you covered with the best tech gifts for 2017.

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For those that love technology, and for those that just love using technology, we have picked the top tech gifts you should give this year.  And remember, if it breaks, just bring it to the best repair shop in Billings.  We fix anything with a chip in it.

For the Music Minded

Do you have a music lover in your life?  Someone that constantly hast heir headphones in?  While they may be dreaming of Airpods, here’s the next best thing (for about 25% less).  The Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones are designed to stay in the ear,  be sweat and weather resistant, and provide a nice quality sound without the premium pricetag.  For $129 on Amazon you can snag one of 4 different colors.  The downsides: only 6 hours playback, and a charging case will run you another $49.

Bose wireless earbuds

For the Phone Minded

What tech list would be complete without the iPhone X?  Sure it’s pricey, but your loved ones are worth it!  Or maybe this is the year to splurge on yourself?  Regardless, the recipient will love the newest iteration of the iPhone with its sleek design, wireless charging, OLED screen, and much more.  Just make sure you get a case for it, fixing the screens on these things is expensive!  And that’s not because we’re marking up the labor costs, the actual parts are expensive.

iphone x repair in Billings, MT

For the Absent Minded

Who has that friend or family member that keeps losing things?  Instead of hanging their keys on a rack they just toss them wherever and then can’t find them.  These people need the Tile Mate (or Tile Sport).  Tiny Bluetooth enabled trackers help you find those items that you just can’t seem to hang onto.  The Tile Mate is great for things like keys and has a Bluetooth range of 100 feet; the Tile Sport is great for larger items, is weather resistant, and has a range of 200 feet.  At $25 and $35 respectively, they’re great little gifts.  The downside: the batteries can’t be replaced.

tile mate tech repair Montana

For the Business Minded

Some of us have friends that are professional.  They skip some of the gadgets because they just look, well, unprofessional.  That’s how many of the previous Smart Watches were.  Not anymore.  The Apple Watch Series 3 is the best Apple Watch yet.  It can track your fitness, send push notifications, uses Siri, and it runs off LTE.  You no longer have to carry your phone near your watch.  Now that professional can leave the phone at home, but still respond to emails while out for a jog.

Apple Watch

For the Cleanliness Minded

Do you love a clean house?  Of course you do, who doesn’t?  What people don’t love is the actual process of cleaning.  While you can always hire a cleaning service, those costs add up over time.  Why not just make a robot do the work for you?  iRobot Roomba cleans carpets and hard floors better than a human.  You can schedule it to clean while you’re away, and it pairs with Alexa or Google.  Plus it’s great entertainment.

iRobot Roomba we fix broken phones

For the Smart Home Minded

Most of our homes weren’t built with the idea that they could one day be a smart home.  So we have to retrofit them.  That’s not hard to do anymore with devices like Google Mini and Chromecast.  Google Mini is under $30, and Chromecast comes in at $35.  When the two powers are combined, you have the beginnings of a smart home (well, your TV is smart at least).  Add on other devices like a smoke detector, lights, locks, and a camera, and you’ve moved into the 21st century!

google home and chromecast tech repair Billings

For the Book Minded

Studies show that those who read more are less prone to a variety of mental illnesses.  Really, this should be a gift we all get for ourselves.  The Kindle Oasis is the fanciest e-reader around.  It’s waterproof, has a bigger screen, looks great, and it’s ultra-light.  Want to read while floating in the pool next summer?  No problem!  Of course the biggest perk is how it’s waterproof.  And that waterproofing comes with a premium.  The Oasis will run you $249, but if you have a bookworm giftee that doesn’t need that, the Paperwhite is just $119.

Kindle Oasis tablet repair near me

iDoctor does Phone, Tablet, and Computer Repairs in Billings

Basically if it has a chip in it, we fix it.  While fixing phones is a huge part of the business (you guys keep dropping your expensive devices and refuse to get cases!), we fix all technology.  So after you’ve discovered the best tech gifts for 2017, and it is broken before the end of January, just get in touch.

Wondering if we can fix your broken device?  Chances are we can.  Give us a call, or come to either of our Billings locations.