Are you Addicted to Your Phone?

Most People Spend over 2 Hours using Apps

According to the latest report from App Annie, smartphone users are now spending more time using apps compared with the past few years. Specifically, the average time spent on apps is about 2 hours and 15 minutes daily, or roughly 34 days a year for users in the U.S. In other countries, the stats are even higher. In South Korea, Brazil and Mexico, the daily average is at least 3 hours.

In terms of the number of apps, the average number installed on smartphones is around 60 – 90, with smartphone owners using about 30 of those apps monthly, and launching 9 per day.

Geography-wise, the top 5 countries with the most number of apps installed are Japan, China, France, Germany and the U.S. The top 5 countries with the most number of app usage are India, Brazil, China, South Korea and Germany.

We spend over 2 hours on apps alone

When it comes to the type of smartphone, iPhone owners tend to use more apps than Android phone owners. But when it comes to games, Android owners use about 30% more.

Among the numerous apps, the most commonly used on a monthly basis are the pre-installed ones: Utilities and Tools; followed by Social Networking apps; Communication apps; and Social apps. Users spent the most time on Dating and Productivity apps, and spent the least amount of time on Finance and Productivity apps.


What do all those figures mean?

They’re simply a testament to how phone manufacturers have succeeded in making smartphone addicts out of all of us. Well, maybe not all of us, but certainly a lot of us.

The question is: should we be worried and should we do something about it? Or should we just accept the fact that we can’t survive without our smartphones? The simple answer is, as long as we don’t allow our smartphone usage to hamper our productivity and negatively affect our relationships, maybe we shouldn’t be too concerned. It’s just a matter of properly managing and regulating our usage. In case you can’t do it on your own, why not stay true to the trend and use an app to help you out?


The Moment App

Launched in 2014, the Moment App is an iOS app that automatically tracks how much time you spend daily on your iPhone and iPad. It’s pretty straightforward. After downloading, installing and setting it up, you won’t have to open it again. It will just run in the background and alert you when you’re going beyond your daily limit so you can find a balance for the screens in your life’.

By the way, it’s free so there’s no excuse not to have it.


If you don’t want to add another app to your already crowded phone and you happen to be an iPhone user (running iOS 9 or higher)…

battery app usage

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You’re in luck. Because your phone has a built-in tracker in its battery settings that show how much time you use on each of your apps.    

To check out the information, go to Settings, select Battery, then tap the clock icon from the list of apps. You will then see a breakdown of your activity in the past 8 or 24 hours.

To make it easier for you, the app you used the most will appear on the top of the list, while the app you used the least will appear at the bottom. It also differentiates between the time you spent using the app, and the amount of time when the app was simply running in the background. It’s up to you to act on the information if you need to, whether you want to or not.


As for Android phone users…

You’re going to have to practice self-discipline on your own because there aren’t any app usage trackers for Android yet. In case the Moment App suddenly becomes available for Android, why not sign up on this page so you’ll be one of the first to know.

Don’t stay too long on your phone!


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