Apple Poised to Revolutionize Smartphones – Again

Secret New Developments Mean Big Things Coming

With the current iPhone, every time one is sold Samsung makes money.  That’s because Samsung manufactures the screens that are put into the current models.  This is despite the fact that the two tech giants are direct competitors, and if you follow any tech forum online you see a constant barrage of who is better (we wrote about this and settled the debate a couple of years ago in case you missed it).  Handing over money to Samsung is about to change.

Apple's Secret MicroLED screens

The latest trend in display technology is MicroLED.  Even though OLED hit the market just a few years ago, it’s already obsolete.  But MicroLED is so new that it’s difficult to mass produce it.  Development has taken longer than thought, and cost more than expected.  The project was almost scrapped several times, but now it appears to be going through.


Apple’s Secret MicroLED Development Facility

Like all big things, there are leaks.  Either someone “accidentally” leaves an iPhone prototype in an internet café overseas, or a disgruntled employee tells all to the press, the word eventually gets out.  That’s the latest news on Apple’s secret, now not-so-secret, development facility.

For the past several years Apple engineers have been working in development facility near their California headquarters.  In this facility several hundred engineers have been working to produce MicroLED screens that will be used in future products.  The repercussions could be huge.

Currently screens are “shared.”  The iPhone uses a Samsung display, the Apple Watch uses a display made by LG, the Google Pixel uses another display from LG.  For the most part the tech giants aren’t using their own propriety display technology.  When Apple is done perfecting their MicroLED screens, that will all change.  And phones will never be the same.


The Difference between OLED and MicroLED Screens

Smartphones have only been around for about 10 years.  Every year they get faster, lighter, brighter, and more energy efficient.  The recent change to OLED meant a thinner phone that produced a crisper and clearer display.  The change to MicroLED will mean an even thinner product that produces a better display, and uses far less energy than the predecessor.

In short: everything about MicroLED is better than OLED.  As soon as the product is perfected, and the costs to manufacture are in line, Apple will be basically the only smartphone company in the world to use their own screen.

Take a look at the differences between OLED and MicroLED.


What does it Mean for You?

Of course it’s clear why Apple would want to produce their own MicroLED screens: they get a jump on the competition, they keep the money coming to them, and they make a better phone.  For you, the consumer, the advancement in screens doesn’t help your bottom line.  But what it does mean is that you get a better phone.

Whether you’re Android or Apple, you get a better phone.  Competition keeps everyone working on the best solution.  So when Apple innovates, the others are soon to follow or they’ll die off.  When the others innovate, Apple is soon to follow.

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