Apple Pays $400M for Shazam

Music Lovers Around the World Rejoice

Years ago, long before the first iPhone came out, Apple was making computers.  They branched off into MP3 Players launching the iPod in 2001.  Along with that music player development came iTunes, an easy to access online store where people could by music.  Shortly after that the company took off in popularity developing easy to use products that looked great and people wanted.

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Fast forward to 2007 and the iPhone hit the market.  Now people were able to ditch the iPod and use their smartphone for music.  Another 10 years later and you’re hard pressed to find someone with an iPod, but you’re hard pressed to find someone without iTunes; even those who rely on PC’s.

It only makes sense that Apple would acquire Shazam.


What is Shazam?

Shazam LogoShazam isn’t a new company.  In fact, it’s approaching two decades old.  It was back in 1999 that the service was launched with the sole intention that people could dial a number, play a song, and then receive a text message with the song’s title and artist.  The delivery has changed, the service has not.

Today we use an app and the built in microphone on our devices.  Every song has a unique spectrogram.  It’s kind of like a fingerprint for songs.  Taking the timing and pitch into account the service can match what you’re hearing with their immense database.  Then, within seconds usually, you can get a positive ID on what you’re listening to.

Even non-music lovers love the service because they now can quickly identify songs they like when they’re unsure of what they’re called.  It sure beats Googling the lyrics.


Why Apple and Shazam Go Together

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has said that they are ready and willing to use the company’s massive amounts of cash to purchase other companies; as long as they will end up delivering value, service, and allow Apple to innovate more.

While Shazam is already integrated with Siri, it is a strategic move on Apple’s part.  They can use Shazam in conjunction with Apple Music to bring more clients their way (instead of going over to their main competitor Spotify).

Shazam boasts that over the past year their app was downloaded more than 1 billion times.  If those numbers hold true while Apple owns the company, then it could be a huge money maker.


What it Means for You

As a listener, what does Apple’s acquisition mean for you?  For the most part nothing.  But generally speaking when a company is acquired it means a better end user experience.  Unless Apple decides to kill the service completely and revamp it, which is possible, but not likely.  If you use Shazam you will most likely experience few changes, and the ones you do experience will make it even easier to use.


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