Apple Developing Augmented Reality Glasses

AR is Closer than Many Think

Not long ago we wrote about how we need to get the idea of augmented reality down before we will really see any progression in the virtual reality world.  Take a look at that article to learn the difference, and why it makes more sense.  But the truth is that augmented reality is a lot closer than we realize.

Apple Glasses augmented reality

Apple has been working on augmented reality glasses for quite some time.  Like all apple products, things are slowly leaked to the public about what it will do, look like, and cost.  While many analysts believe we are still a ways off (“a ways” in tech speak is 12 months or so), we likely will see augmented reality devices becoming the standard.


Apple Develops Google Glass “Clone”

Google developed augmented reality glasses and it was a bust.  There are many theories as to why it didn’t work out, and many people have speculated on it.  But one of the best ideas, and most succinct, comes from this Forbes article.  Simply put, the customer didn’t know what problem they solved, or why they needed it.

Apple is “cloning” Google Glass in the sense that they are making augmented reality glasses, not in the sense that they’re copying Google.  If Apple’s previous marketing plans, which can be said to be highly effective, are any indication of how word will get out about this new product, we can reasonably expect that they won’t meet the same fate as Google Glass.

Google Glass

Photo Credits: Flickr

What Are Apple Glasses?

Just like Google Glass the Apple Glasses are expected to transport you out of the real world, but not entirely into the virtual world.  How does that work though?

Take a look at the hit game Pokemon Go.  The technology combined both the real world and the virtual world so that you could experience more than what is natural, but didn’t completely immerse you into it.  Here’s where Apple Glass could do better than Google.

When Google developed their glasses, they were ahead of their time.  People didn’t fully understand the technology and didn’t see the need.  Now, as more games are being played with augmented reality (as well as many other software programs), people know what they can do with the glasses before they are even on the market.  So if they want to play Pokemon Go, they don’t have to be staring at their phone.  Instead, it’s like a heads up display that shows the real world, and suddenly virtual creatures are in front of you.

Naturally more aspects could be incorporated.  One of the easiest to comprehend would be getting directions.  Instead of looking at the map on your phone, you simply see an arrow on your glasses (and probably hear Siri tell you to take a left or a right).


Augmented Reality Enhances Our World

The idea behind augmented reality is to make what we experience even better.  For instance, suppose I’m at Mount Rushmore wearing my Apple Glasses.  I could say, “Hey Siri, what am I looking at?”  Using a combination of GPS location, direction, and reverse image searching, Siri could tell you all about where you are, the history of the area, and more.

Virtual reality, on the other hand, replaces our experiences.  This could have some serious negative consequences on society if people were to isolate and move into the virtual world instead of the real world.  Although when used for education or gaming, it could be a great enhancement.


iDoctor Will Fix Apple Glasses

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