Is Android Really Behind iPhone in Photography?

Some Think that Apple is Ahead of its Time

There are two types of people out there.  Those that love Apple products and those that hate them.  Look around online and you’ll find both schools of thought ferociously battling each other in internet forums, chat rooms (do those still exist?), and on Facebook posts.  The gloves are off, and the name calling flies.

Apple vs Android camera systems

But one former top Google executive recently praised the iPhone.  Vic Gundotra has taken to the public internet waves to say that iPhone is the best, and Android is years behind in the technology; at least when it comes to the camera part of the phone.


Android is Hurting Itself

Android cameraAccording to Gundotra, the reason for the lag in development is Android itself.  Because they stick to an open source platform, where multiple companies, individuals, and programmers can come in and develop the software and hardware needed, the end result is software and hardware that don’t work well together.  It is difficult to develop the two simultaneously.

The end result is that you have a Samsung phone that has a huge array of photo options.  Do you use the built in camera software?  Android software?  Google software?  Some other third party?  Do all of them mesh well with the hardware in the device itself?  As Gundotra puts it, getting things to mesh well, “That can take YEARS.”


iPhone Camera is Superior

The Android hurting itself comments are fair enough; open source is great for many applications (just look at the popular browser Firefox, or even Tesla’s patents on their vehicles).  But Gundotra goes on to say that the iPhone has far surpassed the Android when it comes to camera capabilities.  And not just a little bit better.

He claims that as the Senior VP of engineering at Google, he is intimately familiar with their mobile efforts.  He goes on to say, “I would NEVER buy an Android phone again if I cared about photography.” And later states, “If you truly care about great photography, you own an iPhone.  If you don’t mind being a few years behind, buy an Android.”

Strong words, but it’s hard to say that he’s wrong.  Apple has consistently pushed the camera as their prime feature on the phone (remember the Onions commercial?).  Improving the hardware, improving the software (like adding portrait mode), and all of a sudden you have an improved camera while the Android market is still trying to figure out how to work together.

iDoctor Loves all Technology

Here at iDoctor we don’t take sides.  Each tech and team member may have their own preferences, but in the end we love that there are many different brands of phones.  Each one continues to innovate (Android is years ahead of iPhone in other departments), and they push the other company to become better.  Here’s what we do know:

Phones have glass, metal, and plastic parts.  Those parts break.  When they do break, whether it’s the screen, the camera, the charging port, or some other doohickey located deep inside, bring that phone to iDoctor for the best phone repair you can get in the Billings area.