9 Keyboard Shortcuts that Will Save You Time

How Many of these Keyboard Shortcuts are You Using?

Here at iDoctor we are all about efficiency.  Whenever we can speed up the process so that we can get back to repairing your phones, computers, and other devices, we want to take advantage of that.  There are tons of keyboard shortcuts to help with that, but here are the 9 that we have found to be the most helpful.

9 Keyboard Shortcuts

Maximize your productivity by keeping your hands on the keys.  As the best repair shop in Billings, we have found these to be the best shortcuts.  These are PC shortcuts, many will work on a Mac if you use Command instead of Control, but on occasion some won’t work.


Refresh the Page

There are times when you need to refresh a webpage.  You could take your hand off the keyboard, navigate to the refresh icon, and do it that way.  Or simply hit the F5 key.

Select a Word or Phrase

Sometimes you need to cut or copy a single word from a string of them.  If it’s the last word you have typed, there’s a simple method; if it’s in the middle of a sentence it’s still not too hard.

Ctrl-shift-left or right will select the entire adjoining word.  So if you’re cutting a single word from the end of a sentence, just use the keyboard shortcut.

To grab a word from the middle of a sentence, use the mouse and double click on it.  If you want the entire paragraph, triple click.

Copy, Paste, Cut, Undo

Now that you’ve selected your word, it’s simple to cut, copy, paste, or undo the last action.

Cut – To cut the highlighted text, press Ctrl-X or Shift-Delete

Copy – To copy the highlighted text, press Ctrl-C or Ctrl-Insert

Paste – To paste the text, press Ctrl-V or Shift-Insert

Undo – To undo the last action, press Ctrl-Z; to redo the last action press Ctrl-Y

These shortcuts alone can save a ton of time.  Instead of highlighting, right clicking, finding the cut or copy function, you can speed up the process 10x by using just the keyboard.

Find a Word or Phrase

When scouring a website, or a large document, you can quickly jump to the topic that you’re interested in.  Simply hit Ctrl-F and type in the keyword.

It gets even better on a word document.  Suppose you spelled a name wrong and you don’t want to go through and fix every instance, you can use the find feature, and select the “Replace” tab.  A couple clicks and you replace every misspelled instance.

Zoom in or Out

There are times, especially when on a website, that you need to zoom in.  Maybe a picture is too small, perhaps the font is tiny, or maybe you just want to play. 

Hold Ctrl and + or – to zoom in and out, or hold control and roll the mouse wheel.  Note: the mouse wheel trick works in Word, but using the plus sign will alternate between normal text and subscript.

Select Everything on the Page

There are times when you simply need to copy an entire document from one page to the next.  This is especially helpful if you have a multi-page Word document that you need to paste into a different program or file.

Press Ctrl-A and every word will be highlighted.  Cut, copy, or replace from there.

Toggle Between Browser Tabs

If you have multiple tabs open in an internet browser, you can quickly move from one to the other without grabbing the mouse and clicking a bunch of times.

Ctrl-Tab will jump you to the next one in the window.

Quickly Switch Programs

If you have multiple windows open, perhaps your email in one, iDoctor’s website on one, an Excel sheet on another, and cat videos in incognito mode in yet another, there are a few ways that you can get to the one you need.

In Windows 10, you can hover over the icon at the bottom, it will pop up with a preview of all the windows open in that program.  Alternatively, you can press Alt-Tab to get a preview of everything open; continue holding Alt and press tab to toggle between them, or select with your mouse (letting go of Alt will close the preview window).

Delete a Full Word Instead of a Character

If you need to delete an entire paragraph, triple click and backspace it.  But what if you just need to delete the last few words that you wrote?

Hold Ctrl and press backspace to delete the entire word.  Punctuation and spaces count as their own word, so to get past them you might have to push backspace a couple of times.


iDoctor Fixes Phones, Computers, Tablets, and More in Billings

Here at iDoctor our goal is to repair your devices so that you can have fun using them.  Of course, we want you to be efficient, and able to impress your friends with your computer knowledge.  Using these quick keyboard shortcuts, you can blow by them with productivity.  They may only save a few seconds each, but use them hundreds of times and you’re saving literal minutes!  That’s more cat videos that you can watch.