5 Phone and Tablet Myths You Still Believe

Don’t Fall for These Phone and Tablet Myths

There is a lot that goes into making a phone and a tablet.  Years of research, testing, more research, figuring out the bugs… the list goes on.  As consumers, all that we see is the end product.  Our perception is that last year there was one phone, now there is a new one, and we have to be very aware so we don’t get burned.

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Fortunately, that’s not exactly true.  There are a lot of myths out there surrounding the phone and tablet market, and many of us buy into them.  As the best repair shop in Billings, we want to make sure we dispel those myths, so you can enjoy your devices.

More Megapixels Means a Better Camera

Billings screen repairPhones, and tablets to an extent, have come to heavily rely on their cameras to improve sales.  For many of us, our phones are used extensively with our cameras so that we can capture all the moments that once went undocumented: like what we ate for lunch.  Naturally when a new phone comes out, the company raves about how many megapixels the camera has.

For the most part that really doesn’t matter.  Unless you’re printing pictures in large format, the pixels aren’t as important as the quality of the lens, and the camera software itself.  While it’s nice to have a camera with more megapixels, it mostly just causes bigger pictures that take up more space on your phone.

You Need the Best Processor

affordable computer repairThere are a lot of different parts to making sure your phone or tablet runs properly.  One is the size of the hard drive, another is how much RAM is included, and then there’s the processor itself.  While people tend to focus on the external aspects of new devices (edge-to-edge display, no home button, no headphone jack, etc.) they largely neglect the processor.  Of course when you’re being “sold” a new phone, you are told that the new processor is a must.

The truth is, you will likely be fine with the older processor.  Unless you’re doing some serious video editing, using intensive apps, or have a multitude of functions going at once, the processor isn’t going to make a huge difference (at least not for a couple of years).  Eventually, you will want something faster, keep reading for that, but for the time being you really don’t need the best processor.

Planned Obsolescence “Forces” You to Upgrade

affordable iphone repairIt happens every year.  The latest iteration of a phone or tablet comes out, and you soon notice that yours isn’t working quite as well.  It’s frustrating to say the least, since you can’t update just part of a phone like you can a computer.  You swear that the companies have built into their software and hardware features that make it slower so that you have to upgrade and they can squeeze more money out of you.

In reality, planned obsolescence is nothing more than planned upgrades.  Of course the hardware and software from previous years is going to be slower than the newest, that’s how things work.  It’s not a conspiracy, it’s just a matter that new is faster.  And when software and apps are built to optimize the newest hardware, your older hardware won’t work as efficiently.

Phones Cause Cancer

where to fix my phone in BillingsHolding an electronic device to your ear can’t be healthy, can it?  Not long ago the World Health Organization published a report that the electromagnetic radiation generated by mobile phones is a “possible human carcinogen.”  In other words, these things could cause cancer!  This caused a stir amongst a few celebrities, and they used their influence to propagate the myth.  The reality is far from what was told.

Any time you put an electric device near your body, there will always be risk of something going wrong.  But the idea that phones are leading to increased rates of cancer has largely been dismissed.  There’s just not enough evidence that shows a causal relationship between the two.  In fact, you’re more likely to develop skin cancer because you don’t use sun screen when you go outside than to be harmed by a phone (unless someone throws it at you, that can hurt).

Smart Phones Improve Productivity

computer repair in BillingsSurveys have shown that smartphones and tablets lead to a belief that people are more productive.  After all, you can answer those emails no matter where you are.  No longer do you have to be sitting at your desk!  These are big selling points for manufacturers too, it was Blackberry’s whole shtick.

But studies show that things are actually quite different.  A recent study tracked the productivity of participants, and had them put their phones in various locations: in their pocket, next to them on the desk, in a desk drawer, or outside the room.  The further away the phone, the more productive.  Those with the phones outside of the room performed 26% better than those with the phone close by.


A Broken Phone is an Unproductive Phone

We’re not here to tell you to get rid of your phone!  We want you to be aware of these phone and tablet myths.  These devices, in fact, when used the right way, they make our lives so much easier.  But if you’ve dropped and cracked your phone, you are going to be frustrated, and you won’t get as much done.  Fortunately, that’s where we come in.

Here at iDoctor, we fix broken phones.  And tablets.  And laptops.  And computers.  And basically every other device that runs with a chip in it.  If you want the best phone repair in Billings, come to either of our locations.