5 Personal Safety Apps to Protect You

Don’t Go it Alone; Use an App

For the most part, people are awesome.  We look out for each other, help each other when in need, and overall don’t cause harm to each other.  But there are those who prey on others, and they cause problems wherever they go.

Top 5 Safety Apps

Fortunately, we are in the digital world.  And even if you have to walk along the street at night, you don’t ever have to be alone.  You don’t have to dial up a friend and talk while you walk, instead, you can use one of these 5 apps specifically designed to get you through uncomfortable situations.

Watch Over Me

Many of the safety apps function the same way; that is if you don’t stop the timer an alert will be sent.  Watch Over Me is clean and easy to use.  You activate it and post “Watch over me while I…” then choose one of several pre-made selections like “Walk home” or “take a cab”.  Then you select “For…” and input how long until your contacts are notified.  While the app is running there is an “Instant Emergency Alert” button that will trigger an alert when pressed.

A subscription isn’t needed, but it’s useful to unlock some better features like the audio/video feature when alerting friends.  You can also add more contacts with a subscription.


Similar to Watch Over Me bSafe lets you add contacts called Guardians.  The guardians can actually watch you walk based on the GPS from your phone.  If you hit the SOS button your guardians get an alert.  That button will also sound an alarm, turn on your phone’s flashlight, text your location to your contacts, and calls a guardian.  You can program in a set time where you check in, and your guardians will be alerted if you go past that time.

Like Watch Over Me, bSafe is available in both free and subscription versions.  2 years is only $30; that’s just $1.25 per month.


This one is a little bit different.  Instead of an app that you launch when you’re feeling unsafe, you send a text message to Kitestring with a stated time.  Kitestring will check in with you after that amount of time.  If you fail to respond, it will send a personalized alert message to your emergency contact.  If you only need it here and there, you can use it for free (up to 3 “trips” per month) and enter one contact.  More frequent users benefit from the $3 per month subscription that allows unlimited trips and unlimited contacts.

React Mobile

In some instances you feel safe… until you don’t.  React Mobile can work with just the app, or with a keyring device that can quickly alert your emergency list.  You can also activate your emergency network through the app, and alert your contacts via text, email, Twitter, or Facebook, all will include GPS coordinates.  You can also use a Follow Me mode that lets you input a time that you’ll be out, and then an “I’m safe” button that lets your contacts know that you have arrived.  No subscription is required.

SOS Stay Safe!

The idea of pulling out your phone and opening the GPS app isn’t too practical in some situations.  SOS Stay Safe! changed that up by allowing you to shake your phone to trigger an emergency call.  That, however, resulted in a lot of false alarms.  The software was redesigned to trigger an emergency when you hit the power button on your phone three times in a row.  At this time the app is only available with Android devices.

iDoctor Wants You to Be Safe

We are in the business of repairing technology.  But more importantly, we want to make sure that you’re safe!