5 Apps that Apple Has Rejected

Apple Rejects Apps that don’t Meet their Guidelines

One of the big differences between Android and Apple is how apps are developed and released to the public.  For the Android crowd there are far fewer restrictions.  If you want to build an app, even one that is clunky, looks terrible, and provides no value, you are certainly free to do so.  On the Apple side, however, apps are given quite the scrutiny.  And many of those apps that are submitted are rejected.

5 apps that the app store rejected

Naturally there are good reasons to reject some of the apps.  When they don’t work, have broken links, crash errors, if they’re misleading, don’t provide enough value, copy-cat apps, and a laundry list of other guidelines, Apple doesn’t want them bogging down the system.  In short, most rejections are for good reason.

We want to explore a few of the apps that have been rejected because of the less-than-sound reasons.

Astro HQ’s Astropad Studio

Billings cell phone repair and screen replacementRecently Astro HQ built an app called Astropad that would be able to turn your iPad into a graphics tablet.  Basically it’s like a PhotoShop app, but incorporates the use of a stylus so that you create everything with freehand drawing.

Not wanting to take up screen space for buttons, they developed a great way that you pass your finger over the camera sensor, and a tool bar pops up.  It was clever, it was innovative, and it was rejected.  Apple cited the reason being apps aren’t supposed to interfere with the standard use of any buttons.  Technically this did, but the innovation was worth it!

South Park App

Computer repair in BillingsMatt Stone and Trey Parker are known for their crass and envelope pushing senses of humor.  If you have ever watched an episode of South Park, you know what they’re after.  When the iPhone first came out, they created an app that would allow you to watch episode clips, read the latest news, download wallpapers, and a bit more.

Apple rejected the app saying it was too offensive.  The creative duo attempted to push the app through saying it was no more offensive than the episodes of South Park available on iTunes, but they fell short.  Since the time of rejection the guidelines have changed (or the app toned down the content), and there is a South Park app available.


While not many people are reading comic books as they used to, there is still a huge fan base for digital comics.  And some of those readers prefer more gore than others.  That was the premise behind Murderdrome.  While most of the details have long since been pulled, it seems that Apple simply didn’t find the comic tasteful.

The official reason was “objectionable content.”  But many were left wondering if it was merely censorship of something that those reviewing it didn’t like.  The app creators went on to produce more family friendly comics, and eventually found a new outlet for their over-the-top death comic.


billings computer repair shopApple doesn’t like competition.  So when an app comes up that could potentially draw users away from what they already offer, they squash it.  That’s what happened with Podcaster.  The app was designed to compile podcasts in a similar manner that iTunes did.  The difference: you could download the podcasts right to your phone.

Apple nixed the project, but the creator was able to get it pushed out to jailbroken phones.  Eventually he changed it up a bit and was able to push through an app called RssPlayer that was accepted by Apple.


iPhone repair in BillingsMost of us have multiple email accounts.  But when you’re using a web-based browser, you can only open one of them at a time.  Before Gmail had their mail app developed, a third party created one that could open multiple accounts, through the web (for access to more features than the built-in mail app allows), to streamline life.

Apple denied the app because they thought it was a copy-cat of the built-in mail app.  Their reasoning was that it wouldn’t provide enough functionality and lead to confusion.  Despite appeals the app couldn’t go through.


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