3 Gaming Apps Your Should Buy

Some Apps are Worth the Premium

Most people, when downloading apps, will look just for those that are free.  A few ads are worth the hassle in order to save some money, and you know that the in-app purchases will never tempt you enough to actually purchase the upgrades.

gaming apps worth the premium

However, there are some gaming apps that are well worth the premium.  You skip the ads, you get a better product, and ultimately you feel satisfied with your purchase.  Here are three that we have enjoyed that we think you will enjoy as well.  At the end we will tell you how to evaluate whether or not the purchase is going to be money well spent.

Angry Birds – Star Wars Edition

fix my cell phone in BillingsIt has been quite a few years since Angry Birds Star Wars came out, but it makes the list because it was the first app I ever paid for.  The cost: $1.  It was a big leap, especially since the basic version of the game was already free, and because actually paying for a game was something entirely new.

Fortunately, this foray into buying gaming apps on the iPhone was cheap.  And even if the game was a complete dud, it was only a buck.  The game turned out to be remarkably fun and provided quite a bit of entertainment.  For those interested, Angry Birds Star Wars is now in the app store free of charge.

The takeaway: if you’re skeptical about the game, or buying games, start with something small.  $1 is less than a cup of coffee.

Super Mario Run

computer repair in BillingsSuper Mario Run burst onto the app scene almost a year ago.  The reason: superb marketing with a recognizable name.  It quickly proceeded to get less-than-rave reviews.  Many people didn’t like the way you had to keep running, they were frustrated at the game’s high cost ($9.99), and you could only play a couple of levels for free.  There’s good news though!

For two weeks, from September 29, 2017 until October 12, 2017 you can download Super Mario Run for half price ($4.99).  That’s still a fairly high cost for a game, so why would you?  The best reason is if you have little kids.  Kids love this game.  It’s simple, there are settings that they can turn on in order to give them unlimited time and unlimited lives, and even if they don’t collect the coins they can still beat the level.  Keep your sanity for just 5 bucks.

The takeaway: how much is peace and quiet worth in your home?

Monument Valley

cell phone repair in BillingsThe game Monument Valley combines a surreal puzzle world, with enticing music, and an incredibly intriguing story line.  Most people will be sucked right in, and be glued to their phones for quite a while as they try to guide Ida through the dream world.  It’s just $3.99 to download, and is justifiable as a purchase because you’re exercising your mind.

But wait, there’s more!  Monument Valley 2 was recently released.  For $4.99 you get to double the fun and double the time you spend exercising your brain in all new challenges, with the same intriguing graphics, enrapturing music, and puzzling storyline.

The takeaway: if you’re going to spend money on gaming apps, at least get educational ones.


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Ok, now for the easy way to see if a gaming app purchase is worthwhile.  How much do you spend on entertainment?  Going to a movie is $10 or so.  Renting one from Redbox is $1.50.  That gets you about 2 hours, so your entertainment costs range from $.75/hr to $5 per hour (or more).  If an app costs $5, and entertains you for 1 to 6 hours, then it’s a completely reasonable purchase.  That’s the easiest way to determine if a gaming app is the right purchase for you.

But seriously, at least check out Monument Valley.  It’s pretty awesome.