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We stock every part for all Apple devices to ensure same-day repairs on broken iPhone, iPod, & iPad.


We can repair Samsung, Motorola, HTC, and many more brands. We stock parts for common Android cell phone repairs.


Have the red ring of death? We can fix that! We stock parts for common game console repairs.


We offer free computer repair diagnostics. Whether the hard drive is failing, viruses, or you need data transfer services, we can help!


We always have great deals on devices. Apple & Samsung Smartphones, iPads, MacBooks, PC's and more available in store! All with a 90-day Warranty.


We Pay Same Day for unused phones, tablets, and computers! Sell your old devices at iDoctor and get paid today.


Live out of town? No problem. We offer main in cell phone repair and computer repair!


Same day iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Samsung screen repair.


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5 Popular Computer Repair Myths

May 3, 2016
The Myths Abound When it Comes to Computer Repair There is no single idea or concept that everyone in the world believes to be true. This is probably one of the reasons why myths abound in anything and everything that exists. While many myths are inconsequential, we should make it a point to stay informed […]

Troubleshooting your iPad

April 28, 2016
iPad Problems? Try Our Quick Troubleshooting Guide The iPad. It’s a great device, for sure, but it still isn’t perfect and occasionally, you have to deal with some glitches. And while many iPad problems can be solved with basic troubleshooting, you still can’t help but get frustrated because whether you’re aware of it or not, […]

6 Mac Shortcuts You Should Know

April 26, 2016
These Mac Shortcuts can Improve your Productivity No matter how fast you are with your mouse or touchpad, sometimes you still need a little more speed to ensure you meet your deadline. That is why it is crucial for you to know every technique there is so you can navigate through your computer faster and […]

4 Places to Get Free Stock Photos

April 21, 2016
Free Stock Photos Help Your Site When looking for photos, doing a Google Images search is probably the first thing most internet users will do. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that you cannot immediately make use of the resulting images as many will be covered by the photographer’s copyrights. While you do have […]

We Repair the Right Way!

April 19, 2016
Often Repairs are Actually Replacements Did you know that when you bring your cell phone, computer, or tablet in for repairs, we make sure that the repair is done the right way?  There are companies that will claim to do a repair, but in actuality they do a replacement.  This isn’t always bad, but replacing […]

How to Get More Storage for Your iPhone

April 15, 2016
More Storage for Your iPhone without Expansion As awesome as it is, the iPhone seems to have this one glaring flaw: it doesn’t have expandable memory. This basically means you have to decide from the very start how much storage capacity you want so you can get the right variant, otherwise, you’ll be stuck with […]

Fix It or Replace It?

April 12, 2016
With Electronics There’s Always the Question of “Is it Worth It?” Let’s suppose your iPad is 2 years old.  Since you purchased it a new edition has come out.  You’re out skydiving one day, and as you land the device slips from your hands and it smacks against the rocks.  The screen is broken, and […]

Your Computer Repair Checklist

April 8, 2016
Before Bringing a Computer in for Repairs, Review this Repair Checklist! Is your laptop running slower than normal? Are you getting annoying popups on your computer? Did your dog chew on the screen and now some pixels won’t light up? Before you bring your computer to iDoctor for repairs, make sure that you go through […]

Apple MacBook Air vs. Microsoft Surface Pro 4

April 5, 2016
Which Popular Laptop is Right for You? Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 is turning out to be worthy competition for Apple’s latest MacBook Air consider how well is has sold since it was released in October 2015. Or is it really stiff competition? Apple fanatics will disagree, for sure. Setting aside one’s brand loyalty and staying […]

Is It Time To Replace Your Router?

April 1, 2016
You Should Probably Upgrade Your Router As long as you are able to connect wirelessly in your home, it’s so easy to overlook that humble gadget that makes this connection possible: your router. Like all kinds of hardware, however, it is important to remember that your router experiences degradation too, and as such, will require […]


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At iDoctor our simple goal is to best serve our customers. We set out to do things differently by offering professional solutions to the things that matter most. Same day iPhone screen repair & Samsung screen repair, micro soldering repairs, computer repairs, MacBook repairs, water damage repair, game console repair, and much more. We have trained specialists in multiple areas that help us offer more complete solutions to problems. Our goal is to have our customers experience true service that makes them feel like they are the most important thing during the moments we serve them.