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We stock every part for all Apple devices to ensure same-day repairs on broken iPhone, iPod, & iPad.


We can repair Samsung, Motorola, HTC, and many more brands. We stock parts for common Android cell phone repairs.


Have the red ring of death? We can fix that! We stock parts for common game console repairs.


We offer free computer repair diagnostics. Whether the hard drive is failing, viruses, or you need data transfer services, we can help!


We always have great deals on devices. Apple & Samsung Smartphones, iPads, MacBooks, PC's and more available in store! All with a 90-day Warranty.


We Pay Same Day for unused phones, tablets, and computers! Sell your old devices at iDoctor and get paid today.


Live out of town? No problem. We offer main in cell phone repair and computer repair!


Same day iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Samsung screen repair.


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6 Services Offered by iDoctor in Billings

June 28, 2016
Services Offered by iDoctor that you May Not Know About You have seen our Facebook posts, you have heard our pitches, and hopefully you have watched our iDoctor After Hours episodes.  But do you fully know what it is that iDoctor offers to the Billings community?  Maybe.  Here are the 6 main products and services […]

Love Apple Pay? Now You’ll Love It More

June 23, 2016
Apple Pay’s New Cash Feature Apple Pay is Apple’s mobile payment service. Available since the last quarter of 2014, Apple Pay is designed to enable iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s,  iPhone 6s Plus, and iPhone SE owners in Australia, Canada, China, Singapore, United Kingdom and the United States to use their iPhone to […]

Computer Repair in the Billings Heights

June 21, 2016
Do You Live in the Heights? We’re Here to Fix Your Computer When you live in the Billings Heights, the last thing that you want to do is drive all the way to the West End to get your computer fixed.  It seems that many of the repair shops are located on that end of […]

Why You Need a Tempered Glass Screen Protector

June 16, 2016
 Tempered Glass Screen Protectors are the Best               As smartphones have become an essential part of our everyday life, it is only fitting that we do what we can to prolong the life of what is possibly one of our most indispensable possessions. Especially if you spent quite a bit on your phone, it makes no […]

Cell Phone Accessories you Have to Have

June 14, 2016
These Cell Phone Accessories are a Must Purchasing a cell phone is a challenge in itself because of the overwhelming choices you have. And after finally choosing the perfect phone that has all those features you want, you now have to contend with getting all those cell phone accessories that is supposed to complement your […]

Who Fixes MacBooks in Billings?

June 9, 2016
Is Your MacBook in Need of Repair? Apple makes some amazing devices.  Characterized by their sleek designs, their ultrathin components, and their aesthetically pleasing cosmetics, it is easy to see why they are so popular.  When you look beyond the exterior, and see what they are made of on the inside, you can see that […]

What’s A Firewall and Why Do I Need One?

June 7, 2016
Don’t Computers Come with a Firewall? Connecting to the Internet without a firewall is like leaving all the doors and windows of your house open. With unlocked entrances to your home, anybody can get in, rob you, and do all kinds of damage to your home. Similarly, if you do not have a firewall, nothing […]

What to Expect from the iPhone 7

June 2, 2016
The iPhone 7 is Coming, What Should We Expect? There are speculations and expectations. And then there are rumors. Unfounded or not, complementary or contradictory, rumors have the tendency to excite or disappoint. In the case of Apple iPhones, we’re focusing on those that have caught our attention the most as we believe these to […]

Malware Alert: Malware Disguised as Chrome Update

May 31, 2016
Don’t Download that Update! You have just finished updating Google Chrome on your Android phone. Or did you? How can you be sure that what you did was a legitimate Google Chrome update, and did not let some malware infect your device? It’s not a hypothetical question. The dilemma is real as a team of […]

What You Need to Know About the Latest Cameras

May 26, 2016
Looking for a Great Camera? Pairing a smartphone with an action camera to broadcast live video footage has been possible for some time now. Some of the more notable pairings include Sony action cameras with Ustream, GoPro Hero3 and GoPro Hero4 with Livestream, and HTC RE with YouTube Live. While these pairings have been working […]


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At iDoctor our simple goal is to best serve our customers. We set out to do things differently by offering professional solutions to the things that matter most. Same day iPhone screen repair & Samsung screen repair, micro soldering repairs, computer repairs, MacBook repairs, water damage repair, game console repair, and much more. We have trained specialists in multiple areas that help us offer more complete solutions to problems. Our goal is to have our customers experience true service that makes them feel like they are the most important thing during the moments we serve them.