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We stock every part for all Apple devices to ensure same-day repairs on broken iPhone, iPod, & iPad.


We can repair Samsung, Motorola, HTC, and many more brands. We stock parts for common Android cell phone repairs.


Have the red ring of death? We can fix that! We stock parts for common game console repairs.


We offer free computer repair diagnostics. Whether the hard drive is failing, viruses, or you need data transfer services, we can help!


We always have great deals on devices. Apple & Samsung Smartphones, iPads, MacBooks, PC's and more available in store! All with a 90-day Warranty.


We Pay Same Day for unused phones, tablets, and computers! Sell your old devices at iDoctor and get paid today.


Live out of town? No problem. We offer main in cell phone repair and computer repair!


Same day iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Samsung screen repair.


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Do You Need an Anti Spam Filter on your Email?

January 19, 2017
Reduce Your Email with some Simple Steps. Anybody who has ever received spam messages can give you the answer to this question in a hurry: a resounding ‘yes’. The reason is that spam, or unwanted and unsolicited emails, are more than just annoying. They can be harmful to the point of being life-threatening in extreme […]

Creative Kids? Check Out Google’s Toontastic!

January 17, 2017
 3D Animation Studio Lets Kids Create Cartoons Whoever says that the world already has too many apps isn’t wrong. But, that doesn’t mean developers have to stop making new ones. Occasionally, we still do get new apps that are worth more than just a second look. One such app is Google’s latest release for kids: […]

App Helps You Locate Missing AirPods

January 12, 2017
Or at Least it Used to Help You They’re so small and lightweight. And that makes it so easy to lose them, especially if they don’t fit your ears perfectly. Which is why an app that can help you find yours when you lose it is quite useful. What are we talking about? Apple’s AirPods […]

All About Taking Pictures in Portrait Mode

January 10, 2017
Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus Takes Great Photos A few days ago, Apple released their latest iPhone 7 Plus ad through their YouTube channel, showing off what its two cameras can do in Portrait mode. Entitled “Take Mine”, the ad is one minute long and was shot in one of the world’s most scenic countries, Greece. […]

What to Expect with the Samsung Galaxy S8

January 5, 2017
A New Year a New Galaxy We’re sure it’s coming in 2017. But that’s about the only thing we know for certain about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8. Similar with many other flagship phones, the tech world is rife with all kind of rumors and leaks which will all be put to rest on the […]

Periscope Able to Broadcast 360 Degree Live Video

January 3, 2017
Periscope Combines 2 Popular Video Techniques Twitter continues to face all kinds of challenges, from losing a major part of its workforce, to giving up Vine, coming up with new and better tools to curtail hate speech, and letting Twitter users go live within the Twitter app. The latest part in its evolution involves the […]

10 Tips for Using iOS 10

December 29, 2016
The Latest iOS Has a Ton of Features Although the latest iPhones (iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus) may not have been as spectacular as we expected, it’s understandable in a way because Apple might just be holding out for next year. What the new iPhones may be lacking though, the latest iOS makes up […]

Is the SmartWatch market dying?

December 27, 2016
SmartWatches May be Nothing more than a Fad It debuted strongly. But that may have been its strongest impact on the industry because up to this point, it has been unable to achieve the growth and high hope that was initially expected from it. We’re talking about smartwatches, supposedly the next generation of wearable devices […]

Are Bendable Phones Closer than We Think?

December 22, 2016
OLED Screens May Make Bendable Phones a Reality Up to this point, Samsung is still enjoying OLED panel monopoly. Signs are pointing, however, that this monopoly might be ending soon. As reported by South Korea’s ET News, Apple, Google and Microsoft are entering into a partnership with LG, specifically for the company’s ‘out-foldable’ OLED panel […]

Issues with the iPhone Battery

December 20, 2016
Is Your iPhone Shutting off at 30%? The Bible says it’s the fruit that Adam and Eve ate in the Garden of Eden which gave them knowledge about good and evil. In science, it’s the fruit that fell from the tree, sparked Newton’s ‘Eureka’ moment, and gave birth to the theory of gravity. In the […]


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At iDoctor our simple goal is to best serve our customers. We set out to do things differently by offering professional solutions to the things that matter most. Same day iPhone screen repair & Samsung screen repair, micro soldering repairs, computer repairs, MacBook repairs, water damage repair, game console repair, and much more. We have trained specialists in multiple areas that help us offer more complete solutions to problems. Our goal is to have our customers experience true service that makes them feel like they are the most important thing during the moments we serve them.