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We stock every part for all Apple devices to ensure same-day repairs on broken iPhone, iPod, & iPad.


We can repair Samsung, Motorola, HTC, and many more brands. We stock parts for common Android cell phone repairs.


We offer mobile services to solve those pesky tech problems at home or in businesses! Give us a call or schedule an appointment for free expert advice today.


We offer free computer repair diagnostics. Whether the hard drive is failing, viruses, or you need data transfer services, we can help!


We always have great deals on devices. Apple & Samsung Smartphones, iPads, MacBooks, PC's and more available in store! All with a 90-day Warranty.


We Pay Same Day for unused phones, tablets, and computers! Sell your old devices at iDoctor and get paid today.


Live out of town? No problem. We offer main in cell phone repair and computer repair!


Have the red ring of death? We can fix that! We stock parts for common game console repairs.


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At iDoctor our simple goal is to best serve our clients. We set out to do things differently by offering professional solutions to the things that matter most. Same day iPhone screen repair & Samsung screen repair, micro soldering repairs, computer repairs, MacBook repairs, water damage repair, game console repair, and much more. We have trained specialists in multiple areas that help us offer more complete solutions to problems. Our goal is to have our customers experience true service that makes them feel like they are the most important thing during the moments we serve them.

News Blog

Augmented Reality, not Virtual Reality, is the Next Step

July 25, 2017
AR has to Come before VR Virtual reality has been a hot topic lately.  From Google to Playstation to more, immersing yourself in a video or game is all the rage.  Of course, it’s nothing new.  25 years ago there were virtual reality stations at major malls across the country.  The difference now, however, is […]

What Repairs does iDoctor do?

July 20, 2017
We have Mastered Repairs on Many Devices Here at iDoctor our goal is to make sure your devices are working for you.  It is really that simple.  The business is designed around making sure that your technology is expertly repaired so that there are no problems, and you get to enjoy the devices that you’ve […]

OLED is Now the Norm

July 18, 2017
LCD is on its Way Out Apple is reportedly planning to launch three new iPhones for 2018. And all three will likely feature the latest in screen technology; OLED or organic light-emitting diode. Is that good news or great news? It’s great news, of course, because right now, OLED is the best type of screen […]

Rumor Has it: iPhone 8 won’t have Touch ID

July 13, 2017
Is the Fingerprint Authentication Already Obsolete? Because the iPhone 8 is expected to feature a display that is as close to being as bezel-less as possible, there’s been much speculation on where Apple will place its Touch ID. Some have predicted the Touch ID will be incorporated into the display. Others say it will go […]

Stuck in Recovery Mode? Here’s What to Do

July 11, 2017
Know What to do in Case of Problems Any responsible device owner should know how important software updates are and how ignoring such could easily result in your device or one or more of your apps to perform erratically, as if something was suddenly wrong with it. But let’s face it. Sometimes, those updates just […]

Spotify still the Largest Streaming Music Provider

July 6, 2017
They’re the Largest, but what about Profits? As of their latest available count, Spotify now has over 140 million global monthly active users, 50 million of whom are paying subscribers. The company announced this milestone on June 15 via a blog post on their website. The figures are nothing short of impressive, especially considering its […]

The Latest Ransomware Attacks

July 4, 2017
Don’t Fall Victim to these Ransomware Attacks Once again, the danger of ignoring software updates has been brought to focus as a number of individuals and business firms have fallen victim to a new ransomware attack called ‘Petya’ (or ‘NotPetya’), just a few months after the WannaCry attack. It’s kind of disappointing really, to the […]

iPhone Still the Most Popular Phone in the US

June 29, 2017
Samsung is Rated Better; iPhone Sells Better Almost two weeks ago, Consumer Reports released their latest Smartphone ratings, and the two top spots went to Samsung. Specifically, Samsung Galaxy S8+ is number 1, and Samsung Galaxy S8 is number two. Rounding up the top 5 were Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (3rd), LG G6 (4th) and […]

Is Apple Bringing Manufacturing Jobs back to the US?

June 27, 2017
Foxconn May Move Jobs to the US It might be too early to celebrate. And just like counting chickens before they hatch, speaking about it too soon might jinx it. Still, it’s quite a promising prospect and discussing it is just too hard to resist, especially in light of the growing fear that widespread adoption […]

Microsoft to Launch Sleek Biometric Keyboard

June 22, 2017
Is this the Advancement of Biometric Authentication? Apple may have already introduced Touch ID to last fall’s MacBook Pros, but surprisingly, they didn’t follow it up by integrating the feature into their upcoming keyboards. And now Microsoft has beaten them to it. In a move that’s as noiseless as can be (with no grand or […]


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